Welcome to that magic moment, when everything becomes possible

From the early childhood I showed unusual abilities to psychological experiments and to the cognition of the illuson world, studied Harry Gudini’s legacy, mastered his performances, which actors of the whole world are still trying to repeat, constantly improving them.

After school, I have entered the Academy of Variety and Circus Arts in «Illusion and manipulation» speciality, which I have graduated in 2008. And the same year I won Grand prix in the nomination “Micromagic” and a special prize «The Best foreign participant» at the international festival “MagicHallGrandPrize” in Prague.

And in 2009, I consolidated the success, becoming the laureate of the international competition «5. JokerMagicDay» in the nomination “MicroMagic” in Budapest.

I am actively working as the TV host (“Aferisty” (“Swindlers”) on the Novy channel and «Illusions of Modernity» on the K1channel), I am the adviser in the program «The fight of extrasensories» on STB. And I am an actor in «Theatre in Podil» and the constant guest of entertaining programs on TV channels.

For today, I am the most popular illusionist in Ukraine, the actor and the TV host, the master of psychological experiments, the laureate of some international competitions of illusionists, the adviser of “The fight of extrasensories».
I give you a personal guarantee of my services’ quality because I am sure about my competence and the level of professionalism. Besides the above mentioned services, I practise an individual approach and take into account all your wishes.

Why Me?

Probably, you know from practice when 80 % of clients face following problems, inviting the illusionist.






I think that focuses bring a diversity in our life. That’s why I also tried. The day before I even watched a TV program about Copperfield. You know, this impression is more interesting than many others, it could be harder to describe it correctly, but its essence immerses into magic. The conjurer is a very pleasant guy and he has shown a couple of his whims. Thanks!

Igor Yefremov

I was at the event where Roman was performing. Frankly speaking, he surprised! The craftsmanship and prestidigitation pleased and showed that we have real illusionists!


My girlfriend presented me the certificate. She knows that I am fond of similar things. What to say – I really liked it) . Of course, you won’t become Guddini after only one session, but I recommend to try it for everybody for receiving an interesting experience.


We presented to the small son, who is 10. He is a real fan of Harry Potter. That’s why we decided that he must like it a lot) And we weren’t wrong! It was great, when he came back home and began to practice tricks on his own, and then he also started to surprise grandmothers with “magic”))). Now it’s this new hobby)


I will answer all of your questions with pleasure and will be glad to our cooperation.

Concerning the organisation of performances and cooperation contact my manager

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E-mail: roman@romanbondarchuk.com

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