Master class


Do you want to surprise your relatives and friends? Children and adults! I invite you to my master classes. It is the most interesting individual or group training of adults and children to learn how to perform spectacular tricks and gimmicks. On the whole, you will be able to master about 5 secret tricks of both visual, and card character.

It is also possible to work with other improvised requisite: money, ropes, napkins, coins, mobile phones, business cards, etc. Also, I will reveal you secrets of many well-known tricks of Copperfield, Dynamo, Criss Angel and many others.

How it works?


During the master class I will tell you secrets of my own tricks and I will show them personally in practice. Then each of you will try to master some focuses, which you’ll like, using various requisite. As a result, you will be able to understand the technique of performing from 5 to 10 fascinating focuses.

Fascinating activity will assume not only practice of tricks performing, but also mastering useful skills of an independent way of thinking, ability to attract attention and to control yourself in public. I will teach you to think outside the box, to conjure in different conditions and to work masterfully with an improvised requisite.

Kinds of master classes


I am an only illusionist in Ukraine who gives master classes on illusions and tricks for various audience. Specially for this purpose, I have developed unique programs which will be ideal for one or another kind of master classes. Kinds of my master classes:

    • Individual master classes
      Individual training to entertaining tricks. It means that all attention will be given exclusively to you and, in a quiet and slow atmosphere of individual training, I will show each of technics from “A” to “Z”.
    • Group master classes
      Group master classes are held for group to 25 people, as a rule. During various informative experiments and learning tricks, I will help you with development of spatial thinking and communication skills.
    • Corporate master classes
      The unique program of corporate master classes on psychological experiments and illusions is developed for management of the companies. Illusions is the false or deformed perception of the surrounding reality, which forces percipient person to feel the sensual impressions, which are not corresponding to reality, and declines him to wrong judgements about the object of perception. Want to learn more? I am always ready to share a part of my knowledge.
    • Master classes for children
      Mums and Dads! Make a good gift to your children. Tricks, which I will teach during the MAG! C CHILD’S master class, attract children because they give them a chance to touch something magical and incomprehensible. Besides, the emotionally customized atmosphere causes the various emotions in a child, helps to relieve emotional pressure. Each child, having seen the stunt, shown by the adult, will definitely want to repeat it and this actively involves him into the process of communicating and sharing emotions. Learning tricks is especially useful for shy, unconfident children and it gives a doubtless push to self-development! Welcome to my world of good Magic!


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Contact my manager to receive more information on my services, their timing and cost. Call (050) 363-19-90, +372 597 736 98

Gift certificate for a master class

Probably, you will agree, that the Gift is always a miracle. A miracle which should please not only the addressee, but also the person, who presents it. After all, it is sometimes very pleasantly for all of us to feel ourselves the real wizards – to see happy eyes of our relatives and friends.

Do you want to give really unforgettable gift? Do you want to surprise your friends and relatives?

You can simply present them a master class on tricks from the best illusionist in Ukraine. New knowledges and abilities, lots of positive emotions will guarantee their excellent mood! And also I will teach and show them how to use tricks from a master class in everyday life.

Contact my manager to order the certificate. Call.: (050) 363-19-90, +372 597 736 98.


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Responses about my master classes

As you can see, I have got a lot of responses! All of them are real! How can I have so many of them? First of all, many people have already made use of my master classes. Secondly, I always ask to leave a response on the site, and I give 5 % discount for it for the further purchases.


I think that focuses bring a diversity in our life. That’s why I also tried. The day before I even watched a TV program about Copperfield. You know, this impression is more interesting than many others, it could be harder to describe it correctly, but its essence immerses into magic. The conjurer is a very pleasant guy and he has shown a couple of his whims. Thanks!


Thanks. It was interesting


The child (the boy, 12 years) liked it a lot. Despite the fact that it is difficult for us to entertain him for a long time. The conjurer could do this.


My girlfriend presented me the certificate. She knows that I am fond of similar things. What to say – I really liked it). Of course, you won’t become Guddini after only one session, but I recommend to try it for everybody for receiving an interesting experience.


I have just returned from a master class – it was sooo cool!!!))) In general, lots of impressions))) Roman is a great guy and the real master of his art. It is very easy and cheerful to study with him)))


This gift was presented me by parents. I adore tricks since school. At that time I read many books and tried to repeat tricks by myself. For this reason, the gift was especially precious for me!!! Roman is a real guru of his craft. We communicated and worked really well. He made an individual program for me. Basically, we practised with cards. Thanks!


We presented to the small son, who is 10. He is a real fan of Harry Potter. That’s why we decided that he must like it a lot). And we weren’t wrong! It was great, when he came back home and began to practice tricks on his own, and then he also started to surprise grandmothers with “magic”))). Now it’s this new hobby)


The certificate for a master class of tricks our friends presented to our son for his Birthday. He was 12, but, probably, everything new and unusual amuses not only at this age. He returned happy and glad. Now he doesn’t want to tell how he can make his tricks)))


There are many interesting films about conjurers. I consider that I knowingly went to get this impression, it pleased me. I’m really grateful!


My hands aren’t such skilful and nimble as conjurer’s, but nevertheless, I was able to do something! Thanks for such interesting time!


Focuses gladdened, some diversity in life! Now I practise something brand new at home. Thank you for possibility to find such kind of entertainment!


I always entertain friends with focuses, and now I have learned real ones. Now everybody is waiting for my appearance in the company with even greater interest.


Since my childhood I dreamt to enter the School of Circus and Variety Art, but alas, it didn’t happen and I became the economist. But I still had the children’s dream. That’s why I chose this impression among many other things. It was great! Roman is really a wizard! He is very pleasant and sociable young man, and, by the way, I learnt that he isn’t only a conjurer, but also enough successful actor and he has already acted in many films and featurettes. For those who like to study something new and the likes to be in the spotlight, it’s an ideal gift! Thanks!


All my friends know, that I always watch at conjurers like the child, with big curiosity and enthusiasm – How they do this?!!!)))) And finally I know! And now I can surprise people too) Although, my hands aren’t so deft, but I have a desire to develop myself in this direction))


Colleagues presented this impression at work. Only positive emotions left about the skill of the conjurer Roman Bondarchuk – respect for him!!!))) I’ve learnt three focuses with the help of which it is always possible to attract attention among friends, showing to them prestidigitation)) I сan tell for sure, that this is AMAZING And FANTASTIC IMPRESSION!!!

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