Caterpillar disappearing backhoe loader

By the anniversary of the company Caterpillar I performed a mega-trick that nobody else in our country has done. Disappearance of the backhoe loader at the Olympic stadium. The trick was performed without specials effects. And was done on open-air on the eyes of hundreds of spectators. We can also develop specifically for you the disappearance or appearance of any technique (car, bus, yacht), people or objects.

Blidnfold drive with special guest

For the experiment ” Blidnfold drive” I invited my good friend the popular TV host Andrey Bednyakova. He did not know in advance what would happen on the set. The whole experiment was shot from 1 take with 10 cameras. The complexity of the number is that my eyes are taped tight tape, and I, while driving the Frod Mustang, should drive the car in the most unsuitable place for it – underground parking. Than all ended, look in this video. Also a special guest was the super model Ivanna Onufriychuk. This trick can be performed at a car presentation on the street or stadium.

Pin-Code with Sergey Jukov

Read other people’s thoughts or know what people think is not possible for the majority. This requires colossal skills and natural possibilities. Especially to guess the pin-number of the bank card! Famous and public people often become my guests on stage. Sergey Zhukov took part in the mental experiment on reading thoughts. What happened to him, and how he reacted to it – you will see in this video. You can find out the reaction of your guests by ordering the performance of the illusionist Roman Bondarchuk at your event.

Olya Polyakova. The focus is dangerous to life!

On the TV – set of “SUPERINTUTIONS” for “THE NEW” channel, Ukraine television, one of the most famous blondes of Ukrainian and Russian show business Olya Polyakova became my assistant, taking part in one of the most dangerous illusion rooms – “Russian Roulette”.