The Century of Magic

The Century of Magic

The most popular Ukraine illusionist  ROMANBONDARCHUK presents his new magic show The Century of Magic.

The art of magic does not stand still, but tries to keep pace with the times. Over the past 100 years, the world of magic and illusion has changed many times. The fashion for stage costumes, the appearance of the props, the style of presentation and much more changed. And the tricks themselves went from the disappearance of a coin in his hand – to the flight of a man over the audience. But at each moment of time there was a “Rock Star”. Starting from Harry Huddini, ending with David Copperfield (the main headliner in the world of illusions)

The new show will be just about that from the main illusionist of Ukraine ROMANBONDARCHUK.

The original and modern presentation, as well as, incredible illusions makes this show THE MAIN EVENT of this spring on which you need to be.

Each of the acts, directed by the show’s producer Svetlana Mitrofanova, decided to devote to some moment in the history of magic, an important personality or a separate sub-genre. Each of them has its own story, drama and its oune charm.

And also in one of the act the illusionist will put his life at a real danger.

Together with the audience, you will dive into the world of the most mysterious of the arts – in the world of tricks and illusions. A series of reincarnations, a change of scenery, stunning special effects and dizzying tricks will make you feel the moment when everything becomes possible.

Mysterious numbers with reading of thoughts, fantastic disappearances and appearances, a romantic flight of any usual spectator from the audience, deadly act with fire and much more – all these are the faces of one person – the illusionist ROMANBONDARCHUK.

Romantic notes at the show will find a response in the heart of every spectator.

For the last year he did, such tricks as the disappearance of a 20 ton excavator at the Olympic Stadium, driving a car into the blind in an underground parking lot and much more. Participants in his numbers were Potap and Nastya, Oleynik, Tamerlane and Alena, Alexander Shovkovsky, Elena Shoptenko, Andrei Bednyakov and even the Arabian sheikh.

Excellent sense of humor and unique charisma allow Roman to easily find a common language with any audience in whatever country there was a performance. In addition, in this he is well helped by the ability to read thoughts. They say that banking secrets can be guess by him.

ROMANBONDARCHUK is the owner of many prizes at international festivals and competitions. His skills were highly appreciated at prestigious venues in Ukraine, Italy, Croatia, Netherlands, France, UAE, Qatar, Cyprus and many other countries.

And to see all this – you just need to buy tickets for the whole family and devote time to the main illusion show of Kiev this spring. See you at the show!

The show is designed for children from 5 years and for the whole family.

The show will be on April 15, 2018 in the October Palace. Kiev.