Why Me?

Probably, you know from practice when 80 % of clients face following problems, inviting the illusionist:

  • Everything is beautifully written about him on the Internet, but it doesn’t correspond to the reality in practice;
  • There comes the person, who is badly dressed and looks untidy and he doesn’t correspond to the level of the event;
  • He conjures unprofessionally, you understand a secret and become bored;
  • The illusionist isn’t able to hold the attention, to communicate with spectator professionally;

Why my clients are always satisfied and recommend me to their partners:

  • You always receive more than expect. I became the most popular and demanded illusionist of Ukraine for a reason.
  • I break stereotypes about “illusions”. My performances border on miracles.
  • I am charismatic, know how to communicate with the audience, irreproachably tactful.
  • I can create incredible atmosphere, delightful presenting of the performance with humour.
  • I can prepare the show individually for your event.